Located 1.5 miles from the coast at Aberporth, Wales, the airport is open to GA visitors who can use it for business or just to access one of the most unspoilt areas of the country.

It is fully equipped and has a CAA aerodrome licence to enable public transport flights, so this exceptional location is as easily accessed by air as it is by road.

The airport welcomes all GA visitors at any time, but wishes pilots to note there are speciality UAS operations often taking place in the restricted flying area around the airfield.

Special attention should be given to NOTAMs and other flight planning materials as well as the airports PPR status. The procedures contained in AD 2.22 of the AIP ENTRY must also be observed.

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If you are planning a trip to West Wales Airport, our operations team are on-hand to answer any question and to assist you with traffic information, weather observations, the current runway in use, NOTAMs and flight plans.